Application of incentive mechanism in logistics management

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  Abstract: after the opening of the reform policy, our national economy has developed rapidly, and the state of logistics has been improved. More and more, the importance of logistics is emphasized. In order to promote the development of the logistics industry and provide a good platform for its development, it is necessary to study the logistics management of the project. On the basis of the theory of demand level and the exploration of incentive mechanism, the importance of incentive mechanism in the management of logistics project is analyzed. The application of incentive mechanism in the management of logistics project is put forward in this paper, and the management of logistics engineering project is put forward in the process of using incentive mechanism. Some suggestions were made.
  Keywords: logistics management; logistics engineering project; incentive mechanism;
  How to use incentive mechanism, as an important part of the logistics project management, if we make full use of the incentive mechanism, it can greatly improve the enthusiasm of the staff and encourage the staff, so that every employee's work goal is consistent with the overall goal of the company. In order to improve the interests of the public company, it is the management of human resources. The main content. Similarly, the implementation of the logistics project management is to use the matrix organization structure to motivate the members of the team. It can affect the goal of the company. The theory is the basic hypothesis of the economic man. Although it has its practical significance, it also has the subjective significance. In the process of implementation, the incentive measures are used, only the debugging error is made. Method, thus increasing the cost of human resource management.
  1. discussion on the problem of incentive
  In the discussion of incentive problems, human resources management, such as human resource management activities, implementation of effective incentive management objectives, to maintain a common vision with the managers, helps to achieve the smooth realization of the organization. It is also applicable in the logistics project management. The implementation of the project usually adopts the logistics system of the project team. It is the motive force of the team members. The incentive mechanism of the team members will affect the goal of the organization naturally. In the implementation of the logistics project management, the main reason is to seek water according to the usual incentive method. Flat theory, two factor theory, such as classical models. According to the human nature theory, it is assumed that it is in conformity with the experience. However, a large number of incentive methods are to master the subjective preferences of individuals. In the end, only through experiments and errors, the cost of the implementation of the logistics project management is increased. Therefore, under the framework of “mechanism design theory” and “reputation constraint mechanism”, this article will strive to build “incentive mechanism” for logistics project management.
  2. the importance of incentive in the management of logistics project
  At present, the development of logistics projects in China is relatively rapid, but the economic benefits of most of the projects are not high. It is found that there are two main reasons for the analysis. (1) it is difficult for the project to be implemented. (2) the quality of the managers is not high, the management concept is lack, and the backward management method, and the use of all kinds of methods to motivate the staff is an important part of the human resource management. In modern logistics projects, the motivation of material incentives and spiritual incentives to motivate employees, to motivate employees to work, to achieve the objectives of the organization and to make specific actions, has proved how the managers can mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees and know how to use various incentive methods. The incentive effect will be more significant, and the organization's goals will be easier to achieve. This will reduce organizational performance and is not conducive to achieving organizational goals.
  3. deficiencies in the process of incentive application
  3.1. Incentives run through the incentive
  Motivation and return are objective, the former is the orientation of the goal, and the latter is the guidance of the results. The engineer attaches great importance to the results of the project, so it should be rewarded for the enthusiasm of their work and recognition of the results of the work. However, incentives can not be replaced, it is only part of the incentive, in the project management, the emphasis is to actively strengthen management, such as bonus, reward, promotion and other incentives, instead of using targeted incentives.
  3.2. Pay attention to the assessment and ignore the incentive
  Qualitative or quantitative methods are used to conduct performance evaluation to ensure the actual behavior of each employee and to achieve the goal of the organization to provide evaluation. This process involves work attitude, job satisfaction, job skills and job completion. But the project staff mobility is very big, they do not have the characteristics of the corporate culture, it is also difficult to quantify the target decomposition. The decomposed target is also difficult to support from the members. In the uncooperative factors, the job responsibility is not clear. Therefore, the traditional performance management model can not meet the needs of the society, and the complex project is difficult to have an effective mechanism of incentive and constraint.
  3.3. the way of motivation
  At present, in the project management of the logistics, the use of incentive is single, and the income level is the tendency to stimulate the enthusiasm and knowledge of the staff and to reduce the work. Therefore, according to the actual situation of the employees, in order to motivate the employees, we should also take into account the work of the internal and external environment of the staff, the development and motivation of the individual, but also change with the change of the actual situation, instead of using a kind of incentive mode.
  4. overview of incentive mechanism in the management of logistics project
  4.1. adjusts the internal structure
  In engineering projects, the head of the project should formulate various measures to coordinate the interests of the parties, and the completion of the quality of the project, the lag of the circulation of information and the needs of the staff, which are caused by different problems, thus improving the incentive and punishment measures for the employees, thus maximizing the proposal. The interests of highly related people.
  4.2. material reward
  Through the “fair wage” theory, on the basis of the “fair wage” theory, improve the staff performance assessment and salary system, as well as improve the working efficiency of employees, so that the work efficiency and work level of ordinary employees can be improved.
  4.3 use language to give praise
  According to Maslow's demand theory, the high knowledge level of life and professional staff should meet their needs and respect, gain prestige, meet the needs of the self, and meet the needs of the employees, only when the basic needs of people are met, they will reach a higher level. Requirements, because the senior staff of the company will give them the power, status, and even give them higher bonuses.
  4.4 improve the way of motivation
  For human beings, the effective incentive mechanism must be based on the motivation of the employees, the incentive to the employees, the motivation of self, the staff to find their own needs, the space for self development, and self motivation is more effective than other incentives.
  5 concluding remarks
  Guiding employees' enthusiasm for work can improve their work efficiency. Employees' subjective initiative can promote enterprising spirit and innovative spirit of enterprises. The implementation of enterprise incentive mechanism will be influenced by other factors. Therefore, in order to ensure the implementation of the incentive mechanism, we must follow the actual situation of the project, adjust the incentive mechanism of the enterprise, let the employees give full play to their potential, develop towards the direction of the development of the company, and realize the overall goal of the organization.
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