On the development of enterprise management information

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  Abstract: in the background of the development of the new information technology and multimedia technology, this paper mainly starts with the role and significance of business management information, and focuses on how to effectively promote the development of business management information.
  Key words: business administration; information development; countermeasures and suggestions;
  Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology and multimedia equipment, informatization and networking have become an important trend and trend in the development of business administration. The network of information technology, with its unique penetration and extensive practicality, has become an important driving force for the continuous development and reform of today's society, and has also injected a constant source of impetus to the scientific development of business administration in China. Therefore, in the process of promoting the continuous development of business management, it is very important to strengthen the supervision and management of the management departments to perform their duties, and to actively use information technology to provide a more favorable market environment and high quality services for the market operators.
  1, the role and significance of industrial and commercial management information
  Under the influence of the socialist market economic system, the market operators want to better comply with the trend of social and economic development, and through the supervision of the market development trend to implement the market regulation and control countermeasures, it is necessary to monitor the market trend in real time, collect the corresponding market information actively, and understand and understand the market in a standardized and comprehensive way. Mastery. As an important functional department of market supervision and management, the government should undertake the corresponding responsibility of collecting market information, disseminating market consultation and providing service to the market operators. This shows that the importance of business management in the continuous development of the market and social economy.
  In the process of business management, the information technology is actively used to collect the relevant market information and data, and through the Internet “open and transparent” to the Internet, the realization of the information construction of business management can not only better promote the real time update and dissemination of market information, so that the market will be managed. In the first time, the person can grasp the latest news of the market change, and in accordance with the market information science and the reasonable control of the management and market policy, it can also coordinate the development of the business management system in our country to a certain extent, be in favor of the control of the market market and carry out effective supervision, in order to ensure the market execution. The validity and immediacy of the law. Especially in the case of emergency, the information of business administration can be uploaded from bottom to top and “up and down” in the first time to realize the scientific operation of the management process, and it has an important role and meaning to eliminate “middle obstruction”.
  2, countermeasures and suggestions for the development of industrial and commercial management information
  2.1, actively create paperless office environment to achieve office automation.
  Referring to the information construction of western developed countries, paperless office and automation are the first steps to realize business management information, and also the initial steps. To realize paperless and automated business administration office mode, we must first ensure that office technology is information-based and automated. In the development of industrial and commercial management information, we should pay special attention to the reasonable setting and arrangement of the office environment and process. It can be carried out through the system development and application of the business management process and work steps with the help of computer equipment. In the process of the development of the office system program, we should keep the dynamic update and improvement in time, report to the relevant departments in time when the system fails or other problems, and do a good job of upgrading and improving the procedure.
  2.2, actively carry out transparent e-government work
  E-government is the most popular term nowadays, and it is also the focus of the work of government agencies. For business administration departments, the implementation of e-government mainly includes many parts, such as website filing, online annual inspection and complaints on the Internet. In the process of developing e-government, we should also pay attention to strengthening the supervision and prevention of network information security. The network of business administration departments is divided into 3 parts: local area network, general network and Internet. The local area network is the internal network of the unit department, and the security coefficient is high, and the operation of the LAN needs the corresponding data from the general network and the Internet. So I suggest that a secure and reliable contact connection can be created between the LAN and the Internet, and the network information can be converted to the internal network through this point and set up more. In order to better carry out e-government, we need to keep confidential password periodically and upgrade the network system.
  3, concluding remarks
  At the present time of Web2.0, the user centered portal pattern has become the basic feature of the development of network and information. Especially in the process of the development of business management in China, the information technology is actively integrated into the supervision and management of the market, and the management information collected and managed through the Internet is realized. Transparent and open online communication can not only simplify the traditional tedious work process of the business administration department, but also improve the efficiency of business management, and further promote the continuous development of business administration and market supervision in China.
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